cloud based access control

Your phone is your key

Don’t worry anymore about forgetting your key card or fob at home. No more fumbling around looking for the right key. Unlock any door with your phone or Apple Watch.

Get insights into your space

Streamline your business operations by understanding how people use your space through Dashboards. Flag users not active in the space helping to reduce turnover and eliminate security threats.


  • Remotely manage all locations from one system and one interface
  • Monitor your site with alarm event insights
  • Add doors and new sites at any time at a predictable cost
  • Automate access control for tenants, visitors and administrators

Access Control For The Built Environment

Commercial Real Estate

Mobile access control is an amenity tenants value and use every day. Differentiate your property with frictionless mobile access to attract and retain the highest quality tenants.


An access control solution designed to fit your needs and scale as your business grows. Integrate with the other systems on-prem or cloud you use to run your business every day.

Multi-Family Residential

Enhance the tenant experience with one credential for shared spaces, parking garages, and elevators. Flexible zone sharing, permissions, and visitor management for property managers.


Keep up with constant staff changes and turnover by updating credential privileges instantly.

House of Worship

Solve for increased security, visitor management, flexible schedules, and ever-changing credential needs with a single system.


Improve campus security, activate lockdown instantaneously from a remote device, manage visitors, and monitor the system remotely.

Be there even when you’re not

Remotely let people in your space. Know when they enter your space in the Nexkey app. Be notified when someone enters the building during off hours.


contactless mobile access

Hands-free access

Touchless access control with mobile credentials and hands-free unlock configurations that can accommodate any size organization. 

Enforce wellness verification

Wellness attestation that requires employees and visitors to confirm health information with open API that integrates with wellness solutions.

Contact Tracing

Integrate access control system with third party contact tracing apps to inform stakeholders of events and keep the workspace safe, secure and operational

Temperature screening integrations

For organizations incorporating thermal camera technology into their safety and security measures; enforce the results of a temperature check at the door. 

Occupancy management

Track occupancy with real-time access tracking and audit trails, as well as the option to integrate with occupancy sensors, capacity counters, and more software

Contactless elevator integrations

Install elevator buttons as elevators are the most-touched surfaces in a multi-tenant facility, and the elevator’s small footprint makes it difficult to social distance. 

Automate Physical Security Manage Globally

 Synchronize Access Control with all your active directory services.

Cloud Access Control


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