Z-Wave vs Zigbee vs WiFi

Z-Wave vs Zigbee vs WiFi | Which set-up is best for your home?

Z-Wave vs Zigbee vs WiFi, which Technology Is Best? Z-Wave, Zigbee and WiFi are the leading wireless smart home technologies but they are not compatible with each other. While it’s possible to build a smart…
Studio Apartment Smart Home
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How to convert your studio apartment into a Smart Home

Living in a BIG CITY, usually means you live in a small apartment, and for some a studio apartment. And more often you are living in a rental! So how can you balance your desire to have a smart home, one that is plug and play, so that when…
Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Lock
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Four Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Lock

Smart Locks are a gateway to the smart home, here are four reasons why you should get a smart lock One of the most obvious improvements smart technology delivers to door locks is a keyless system that strongly simplifies the entry procedures to…
Smart Home Istallation
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Smart Home Installation - It’s complicated!

The smart home was supposed to make things simple. It was supposed to cook for you, clean for you, pick out your clothes, and gently wake you up by parting the curtains. But that old ideal has been replaced with a vastly different new one:…
FBI Warning on Home Automation Devices
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FBI Issues ‘Drive-By’ Hacking Warning: Here is how you can secure them

The FBI has issued a new warning on the vulnerability of Home Automation devices, and here's what you can do to protect them from going rogue. FBI Warning There is a gaping hole in our online security—the surge of connected devices we…
Staying Healthy with Alexa
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How to Stay Healthy with your Amazon Echo

While Alexa is not a doctor and can't physically examine you personally, it may use the web and its smarts to help give you a diagnosis based on the condition you've described. Let alone, you could prevent that dreaded copay and doctor…
Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready
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Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready

So you want to get your smart home Halloween ready, all you need are some smart plugs and smart lights for creating some really scary experiences. Those of us that love smart home technology know that it can help make our lives simpler…
Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready
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Simple Smart Home Automation for the Hearing Impaired

Adding voice control to smart home automation has been a boon. Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo have brought voice controls into millions of homes -- but what if you can't hear what Alexa has to say? What if it's difficult or impossible…
Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready
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Improve Your Sleep With Smart Home Technology

Sleep has been a hot topic as of late, with many podcasts and articles stressing the importance of getting in enough z’s. All of the attention is for good reason - studies show that an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans of all ages…
Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready
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Smart Home Automation; Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips

The smart home automation process is nuanced, but planning ahead of time with these troubleshooting tips can save you some heartache. Here are the top five smart home automation problems you might run into when you’re outfitting your…