Smart Home Istallation

How to Plan for a Smart Home

Are you thinking about starting up a smart home? Great! But don’t jump directly in without a plan. That’s how you end up making common smart home beginner mistakes. Instead, before buying anything, you should ask yourself a few common-sense…
How to deal with buffering on your TV

How to deal with buffering on your TV

In a big game, every moment matters. A couple of seconds of buffering during a playoff game could be the difference between seeing a game-winning touchdown live and hearing about it on the group text. So, why does my streaming video stutter? Unfortunately,…
How to protect your router from Malware
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How to check if your Router has Malware

We talk a lot about software designed to attack our smartphones and computers, but it turns out your router might also be at risk. That's right. The home router market is a lot like the Android smartphone market. Manufacturers are…
What is WiFi Channel Width

What is WiFi channel width?

Does your WiFi signal keep dropping, or are you continually fighting with slow network speeds? If either of these situations sounds familiar, there's a high probability your wireless network is experiencing interference. The good news is…