WFH with voice assistants

You Can Now Zoom on Google, Echo, and Portal Smart Displays

Now that Work From Home is becoming the new normal, video conference from home is the new regular work meeting. But webcams are hard to come by, and so are decent microphones. What if you could use your smart display? If you’re a Zoom…
Smaart House Work from home solution

Work from home present a new security threat in the age of COVID-19

Why the new work from home paradigm brought about by the pandemic has given rise to a new set of challenges for businesses The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for organizations as many employees have…
4 remote workforce problems teleconferencing can solve

Teleconferencing increases productivity

Working from home is no longer an anomaly. Indeed, it’s become pretty commonplace, thanks in part to the explosion of technology that supports it, from video conferencing to screen sharing to instant messaging. Combine this with the benefits…
Video Conference
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Video Conferencing Best Practices

Video Conference Best Practices Hosts should take steps to ensure only invited participants are able to join the meeting, limit access to expected participants, be careful before sharing screens (remove any documents or browsers that…
Remote Work Guidelines

Remote Working Guidelines

Here are some remote working guidelines and best practices to make working from home safe, secure and fun: Securing remote access through “Multi-Factor Authentication” (as defined under NYDFS’s cybersecurity regulation) and VPN…
Facetime or Zoom

How to use FaceTime for group calls

FaceTime, Apple’s built-in video and voice-calling app. While FaceTime has always been useful for keeping in touch, it’s become even more important for staying connected with friends and family while observing social distancing measures. You…
Securing Your Workforce

Enabling Secure Access for a Remote Workforce

  An increasing number of organizations are supporting distributed, remote teams. While these remote-work policies allow for increased flexibility, there are unique access and security considerations that are inherent to mobile work. What…
Securing your remote workforce

Securing your remote workforce

Securing your remote workforce in these tumultuous times Everyone is now facing a big challenge with the sudden changes due to COVID-19. As an IT Security Manager, going from having on-site workers every day to having the majority of the…
working from home

8 steps to stay safe while working from home

Working From Home If you are just starting your journey as a remote worker, additional security measures need to be taken by you while relying on remote access to the organization. These security measures will help you keep your company and…