Your Health is now a number; 42%, $2500?

According to a recent article in the New York Times,  our health status and potential health care expenses can now be determined if we belong to the 42% or 58% of the population. Read here:
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7 Great Apps that bring Grandparents and Grandchildren together

With society’s increase in (and reliance on) technology, many people have feared that we are losing the important face-to-face interactions that help us connect and better understand each other. Although spending quality face-to-face time…
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Essential Health Apps Every Senior Should Have

    Seniors have found that, with the right repertoire of apps, smartphones and tablets can promote major lifestyle improvements. Smartphone and tablet apps allow seniors to: Keep their minds active and…
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How Analyzing Daily Events can Help in Healthy Aging

Aging in place is a key, heartfelt aspiration for everyone; if you need to go to a nursing home or institutional facility, current costs are up to $90,000 a year per individual. Being able to understand how we can facilitate better aging, aging…

New Heart Device Saves Lives

Following recent government approval of the device that reduces stroke risk by closing a small hole in the heart, a Scripps Health patient has become the first on the West Coast to be implanted with the gadget. On Nov. 11, Scripps Clinic…