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The ‘New Normal’ for Many Older Adults

The 'new normal' for many senior adults is speaking to Friendship Lines, a 24-hour hotline and check-up service established by many non-profit organizations Already, moving lectures and happy hours onto video chat screens has become almost…
How to Protect Seniors from Cybercrime
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Top Five Ways Cyber Criminals Fraud Seniors

The estimated losses due to elder financial abuse range widely. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) 2018 Internet Crime Report shows that people 60 and older submitted more than 62,000 fraud complaints in 2018 with losses…
Smaart House Senior Caregiving
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Some Unknown facts on How Seniors Use Technology

There is a lot of research data that shows older adults are embracing technology, but here are some unknown facts on how seniors are using technology! Seniors are embracing technology - but are they using it frustration-free? A recent…
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How technology can help dementia patients

Dementia can be frightening and challenging for family caregivers, as per AARP, one of the most common safety concerns for people with dementia is that they will leave the house and get lost. Anyone who has memory problems and is able to…
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See how this Senior Community overcame Social Isolation

Social isolation in Senior Communities can affect the physical and mental health of older adults, including those with cognitive impairment. Digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can help in building a community and…
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How smart tech is helping people with dementia

More than 50 million people are estimated to be suffering from dementia globally, while there is substantial investment being made in biomedical research, there is increasing interest in the area of how to manage dementia behaviors in the…
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How to Protect Deadly Older Adult Falls

The rate of deaths after falls is rising for people over 75, a new study shows. But falls are avoidable for most seniors. We have some tips. As the population ages, the number of older Americans who died following a fall is rising. A…
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The Next Big Thing in Aging In Place

Your end-of-life caregiver may be a robot — why that might not be such a bad thing! For 40 years, Victoria and Kelly have lived in their suburban home. The house is where they’ve collected a lifetime of memories. Every square foot of…
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Technology helps seniors live independently

Technology helps seniors live independently and can help bridge social inequity in society. May is national Older Americans Month, and this year’s theme is Connect, Create, Contribute. One area, in particular, threatens…