Create Restaurant Style Smart Lighting at Home

Smart LightingSince most of us are spending more time at home these days, you may be wondering how to improve the atmosphere in every room in the house. Lighting is an essential part of creating a comfortable home – the right conditions can completely transform a space and affect our emotions.

Do you miss the ambiance of a buzzy restaurant while enjoying a leisurely meal? Since eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home daily has become the norm, let’s hone in on what makes the perfect lighting conditions for the dining room. You can create restaurant-quality lighting at home to mimic the environment of your favorite dining establishment with a smart lighting system like Lutron RA2 Select smart lightbulbs like Philips Hue, and LIFX, or using the standalone free Yonomi App. Here’s how.

Create Layers Of Light

Aim for at least two layers of light in your dining room. One layer should be brighter, overhead lighting, typically in the form of a chandelier or hanging pendant lamp. Adding monorail and track lighting is perfect for featuring architectural elements of the room as well as bring focus to any artwork. This prevents the room from feeling “flat” and allows visual interest as well. If you’re lacking in art pieces, use wall sconces to take their place and add indirect lighting.

The second layer of light is the floor, table, and accent lamps that you bring into this space. Place them strategically to create a warm glow around the dining table – perhaps in corners or on top of a china cabinet.

Diffuse Your Light

When creating your layers, be sure to diffuse one of them to immediately notice how expansive the light becomes, as well as warmer, softer, and more flattering.

You can use many forms of diffusion to create this effect, including paper, glass, or fabric shades, or through the opaque glass of a lightbulb. If your light is coming from bare, clear bulbs and lamps with opaque shades, consider swapping some of the light bulbs and shades for a more welcoming light.


Smart Lighting

Choose Your Bulbs Wisely

Philips Hue and LIFX offer smart bulbs that come with warm light settings perfect for a dining atmosphere. You can even create scenes with your bulbs – for example, they can mimic candlelight.

Plus, these smart bulbs work with voice assistants, so you can change settings, dim, and turn your bulbs on and off on command. If you’re specifically looking for a dimmer, the Lutron Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer is compatible with any lighting load and is easy to use.

Looking for some more ideas, here are some smart lighting resources to augment your lighting experience.