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Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready

Smart Home Halloween Ready

So you want to get your smart home Halloween ready, all you need are some smart plugs and smart lights for creating some really scary experiences.

Those of us that love smart home technology know that it can help make our lives simpler and more convenient, but it can also just make life a lot of fun! The holidays present the perfect opportunity to bring a smile to others’ faces using technology and a little creativity.

This Halloween create the spooky house the whole block will be talking about with these popular smart home devices and apps.

Smart Plugs

It’s hard to have too many smart plugs and other connected outlets when decorating for Halloween. Smart plugs turn any device or appliance into a smart device by allowing you to turn them on or off from anywhere. Stock up on these to automate outdoor string lights, electronic jack-o-lanterns, fog machines, or that animatronic Jack Skellington you’ve been eyeing.

Get Yor Smart Home Halloween Ready

Say “Happy Halloween” with smart light

Ready to get started with smart lighting this Halloween? With smart light, meaning you can take it anywhere you like and enjoy some hair raising moments:

Greet your guests with hair-raising light

Get Your Smart Home Halloween Ready

Blood Moon is perfect for Halloween — to really give trick-or-treaters a fright. Use the scene indoors for your Halloween bash, or use it on your outdoor smart lights to create an unnerving look for the big night.

Want to see a trick? Say the word!


Your favorite voice assistant can turn your lights on and off, dim or brighten the room, select a color, or even set a light scene1, all with a simple voice command. Set up a custom command especially for Halloween in your assistant’s settings: “Set downstairs to Fright Lights!”