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How to Connect Your Vinyl Turntable to Sonos

Sonos Vinyl Records

With the resurgence of all things vintage, turntables and vinyl records have made a comeback that feels closer to the mainstream than ever.

People love it for the warm, pristine, nostalgic sound quality and the tactile experience of buying and opening up records while growing their collection. There’s nothing like putting on a record on a lazy Sunday morning and focusing on just one thing – the perfect sounds of lightly crackling music playing.

Vinyl is here to stay, and luckily you can make this analog device fit in with your digitally-powered smart home. With Sonos products, your home sound system can plug straight into your turntable setup and let you fill your home with the sounds of your favorite vinyl records.

Step 1: Connect your turntable to Sonos

Start with one of these Sonos products:

  • Play:5 (+ Stereo Mini to RCA Y-Audio Cable)

  • Connect

  • Connect:Amp

Using a record player that is equipped with an internal preamp is essential to playing music through your Sonos system – however, most of them come without. If your turntable is missing this, you’ll need to buy a separate preamp that has am AUX (3.5mm line input) in order to connect it to Sonos.

Once you’re all set, follow the below steps for your specific product. These instructions are adapted from Sonos.com.

For the Play:5

The Play:5 is the most powerful speaker Sonos has to offer, with high-fidelity sound and a line-in to connect your turntable easily.

Plug your turntable directly into our biggest speaker using the line-in port on the back.

Plug the single end of an RCA Y-audio cable into the line-in port of Play:5 and attach the split cable to the corresponding colors of the L/R audio outputs on the back of your turntable.

For the Connect

The Sonos Connect is a simple streaming update to your turntable. It works great if you already have an amplifier and a set of third-party speakers that you’d like to keep in the mix. The Connect allows you to use your amplified audio equipment to integrate the sound of your vinyl records into your Sonos system and to multiple rooms.

Simply take the audio cable that comes with your Connect. Plug one end into your turntable and the other end into corresponding colors of the L/R inputs at the back of your Connect.

For the Connect:Amp

This product is a wireless stereo amp that you can use to stream your vinyl. If you own a turntable and third party speakers but are lacking an amplifier, you can connect them to your Sonos system directly using the Connect: Amp.

Start by taking the audio cable that comes with your Connect: Amp. Plug one end into the turntable and the other end into corresponding colors of the L/R inputs at the back of the Connect: Amp.


Enhance the experience even more by adding vinyl listening to our favorite app Yonomi Routines. Here’s an example:

Easy Like Sunday Morning Routine

To achieve this routine, begin by manually turning on the turntable and starting the record.

  • Turn on Sonos speaker

  • Adjust temperature to 72 degrees

  • Set bulbs 40% at a warm yellow

If you are looking for assistance on how to install, network, and configure your Sonos system help is available here