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How to Stay Healthy with your Amazon Echo

Staying Healthy With Amazon Echo

While Alexa is not a doctor and can’t physically examine you personally, it may use the web and its smarts to help give you a diagnosis based on the condition you’ve described. Let alone, you could prevent that dreaded copay and doctor invoice.

Nevertheless, in case you’re feeling ill or have any health conditions, you shouldn’t substitute Alexa for healthcare. Here your Amazon Echo can help you whenever you’re not feeling your best.

In case you’re feeling ill but not sure if it’s well worth a visit to the doctor, consider getting diagnosed by Dr. A.I, an Alexa skill by HealthTap. Dr. A.I. was trained by over 107,000 physicians with 141 specialties. Once you tell it about the symptoms you’re experiencing, it’ll attempt to discover possible medical explanations personalized to your age, sex, medications and much more. Following the diagnosis, the bot will provide to connect you to an actual doctor.

To enable, start the Alexa application > Menu > Directions & Games > search for Dr. A.I. > faucet Empower to utilize. There’s an option to make an account with HealthTap whenever you log in through the Alexa application’s not necessary. Once you’re all set up, only say”Alexa, start Dr. A.I.”

Be aware that this is not a real doctor and if your condition persists, you should visit your local healthcare provider.

If you’ve obtained a medical issue, like a sinus infection, headache or sore throat, you may get an over the counter medication, as opposed to prescription medication. And because Amazon sells medicines like Ibuprofen, Sudafed and DayQuil, you can ask Alexa to purchase for you. So long as you’ve Amazon Prime, you may utilize Prime Now to get the medicine the exact same day (if it is available in your region ).

You’ll want to allow voice ordering and 1Click ordering. To do so, start the Alexa application > Menu > Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing and toggle the Purchase by voice placing on. On the exact same screen, you may create a voice code so that only you could make Amazon purchases using your Echo.

Whenever you’re ready to make a purchase, state something such as”Alexa, then I’d love to buy Ibuprofen.” The medicine will then be added to your Amazon cart and you have to state”Purchase it today” to purchase it.

Other useful things Alexa might help with whenever you’re sick

Help you get better sleep whenever you’re sick
Schedule a service to take you to the doctor
Keep you amused whenever you’re stuck in bed all-day

Wish to prevent getting sick in the first place? Check out all of the ways your Amazon Echo might help keep you healthy and how you may utilize your Echo to get the best rest of your life. Looking to set up a voice-controlled smart home, we make it easy for you.