working from home

8 steps to stay safe while working from home

Working From Home If you are just starting your journey as a remote worker, additional security measures need to be taken by you while relying on remote access to the organization. These security measures will help you keep your company and…
Home Network WiFi
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Despise Your Home Network WiFI - Let's Fixit

Home Networking WiFi Issues? As the majority of us move to working, learning and, well, doing everything from home to slow the spread of coronavirus, we are taxing our home networks and our wireless gear in ways we never imagined. Here’s…
Working from home
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Working from home - Remote-access security checklist

When societal disruption occurs, enabling a work-from-home option is essential for business continuity. But in the effort to keep workers productive and the business running, hastily extending a remote work option can leave your organization…
Smart Home Istallation

How to Plan for a Smart Home

Are you thinking about starting up a smart home? Great! But don’t jump directly in without a plan. That’s how you end up making common smart home beginner mistakes. Instead, before buying anything, you should ask yourself a few common-sense…
Studio Apartment Smart Home
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How to convert your studio apartment into a Smart Home

Living in a BIG CITY, usually means you live in a small apartment, and for some a studio apartment. And more often you are living in a rental! So how can you balance your desire to have a smart home, one that is plug and play, so that when…
Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Lock
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Four Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Lock

Smart Locks are a gateway to the smart home, here are four reasons why you should get a smart lock One of the most obvious improvements smart technology delivers to door locks is a keyless system that strongly simplifies the entry procedures to…
How to deal with buffering on your TV

How to deal with buffering on your TV

In a big game, every moment matters. A couple of seconds of buffering during a playoff game could be the difference between seeing a game-winning touchdown live and hearing about it on the group text. So, why does my streaming video stutter? Unfortunately,…
Streaming TV Subscriptions

Streaming Tv Subscriptions: Expectations vs. Reality

We wanted à la carte television, and now we have it — and it costs more than cable. Here’s how to watch your favorite shows without overpaying for a dozen apps. If you were to subscribe to just the streaming services…
Smart Home Istallation
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Smart Home Installation - It’s complicated!

The smart home was supposed to make things simple. It was supposed to cook for you, clean for you, pick out your clothes, and gently wake you up by parting the curtains. But that old ideal has been replaced with a vastly different new one:…
How to protect your router from Malware
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How to check if your Router has Malware

We talk a lot about software designed to attack our smartphones and computers, but it turns out your router might also be at risk. That's right. The home router market is a lot like the Android smartphone market. Manufacturers are…