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SMAART HOUSE is a custom design, installation and integration company of home audio video systems We create custom systems that are easy to use. We specialize in custom whole home integration systems, media rooms, home theaters, lighting control systems, audio and video distribution systems, high fidelity audio systems, motorized shading systems, outdoor audio video, and power management systems.

Audio Video Installation
Audio Vide Installation

Home Theater experience

As a custom home theater installation contractor, we can design and build a cinematic experience tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether you want a dedicated home theater or drop down movie screen and projector in your living room, we can create a cinematic experience for you and your family in any room.

experience Immersive sound

The appeal of immersive sound is that listeners are finally able to replay audio with more depth, transparency, and definition of source localisations. While surround sound formats are only two-dimensional – positioned in the horizontal plane around the listener and allow sound to be produced from left to right and from front to back – immersive sound formats add a third dimension, allowing sound to also be produced in the vertical axis to create a hemisphere of sound around the listener.

Audio Video Installation
Audio Video Installation

your personal huddle space

As the trend of work from home accentuates and video conferencing becomes  an essential feature of your home office, creating a huddle room environment becomes all the more critical. Now elevate your own huddle space or meeting room into a modern, easy-to-use, and powerful collaborative workspace or Zoom Room or Team Room and clinch your next deal with confidence. 

“Good sound is not a mythical “Holy Grail” pursuit that’s exclusive to the niche audiophile crowd,.”

“Consumers have demonstrated that they view their sound systems and equipment as something worth investing in, but they increasingly have less patience for poor sound quality, difficult setup procedures, multiple remotes and devices that aren’t interoperable with the equipment they already have,”
Audio Video Installation

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