Surveillance Camera Installation

With our professional Surveillance and Security Camera installation services, you can be assured that your camera will work out of the box. Working with our team of professional surveillance camera installers, we can help you navigate these questions like a pro.

We will take care of all the wiring protocols and if you will like your camera to be hooked to a DVR or a cloud-based service, no problem. We provide a warranty on our services and even offer monitoring service packages for peace of mind.

We will configure the optimal placement

Surveillance Camera Installation

Place cameras up high

This will protect cameras from vandalism and provide a wider coverage area

Surveillance Camera Installation

Keep under shelter

This will reduce the impact precipitation has on the quality of security footage

Surveillance Camera Installation

Point away from light

Mount the camera so the lens is pointed away from sources of light

Surveillance Camera Installation


Don’t make obstructions the point of focus to maximize the field of view

Surveillance Camera Installation

Protect camera cables

Install on the side of buildings, soffits or ceilings to conceal the cables

Surveillance Camera Installation

Obvious placement

The mere appearance of security cameras can deter potential intruders

And connect the security cameras

  • Analog security system wiring

  • PoE security system wiring

  • Wireless security system connections

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Surveillance Camera Installation

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