Smart Home Services

Your life is better when your home can sense your mood and adjust the right kind of mood lighting, recommend the tv programming, pipe your favorite music all through your home and more. Lose yourself in your own home.

Smart Home Services

Our Home Experts are ready for your next smart home project.

We can help turn any room in your home into a smart, tech-savvy space. We’ll do the work for you — design it, measure your space, schedule the install and show you how it all works — for free.

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Smart Home Services

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Our Experts Will Do It For You

A Partner You Can Rely Upon.

Work closely with a knowledgeable, background-checked Home Expert.

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Access deep product knowledge, prudent ideas, unbiased information

Expert Knowledge.

We understand tech and empathize with your needs, and can guide you to build out the right solution.
Smart Home Services

See What Your Home Can Do For You


Arrive Home In Style

Control everything from lights, locks and thermostats, to your garage door and, of course, your security system, remotely 



Set up automated actions and sequences to make your devices sing in a duet


Voice Control

Monitor and control all kinds of devices in your home by simply using the sound of your voice 

Do Great Things

Smart WiFI that learns from your patterns, creating the best conditions for the network you need every day.


Home Office

Optimize space with technology to create a productive and inspiring work from home environment 

Home Classroom

With online teaching being the new normal, create an enriching home schooling and learning environment. 

 Personalized Yoga Studio

Broadcast your exercise moves, or participate in a Zoom exercise class. Automate your lighting, music and TV for a scintillating performance. 

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