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Smart Home Style Tips

Smart Home Installation

Revamping your home into a connected smart house can seem like an intimidating task. You might wonder if the place will end up looking like an eyesore, with wires and gadgets everywhere you look. But as technological advances have been made and device designs have gotten sleeker, this is no longer a huge worry. In fact, adding some smart tech doesn’t have to take away from your home’s style – rather, it can enhance it.

smart home automation installation

Place devices with intention

There’s a smart device for everything these days – speakers, lights, remotes – but where are the optimal spots to put these devices?

Integrating your systems is really a bunch of black boxes that are in a room somewhere in the home. Our approach to integration is based on the aesthetics of it, we ask ourselves questions like for e.g,

‘What speakers should we use to fit a design?’

‘How do we best introduce a TV to a space? Is it in a cabinet, behind a piece of art, or does it pop up out of a countertop?’

Voice Controlled Home Automation

Keep it simple

Today’s automation systems work so they can be designed to be very user-friendly. A good system design combined with the manufacturer’s updated product designs gives you a clean look.  You’ll find that everyday smart home items have been up upgraded with new capabilities, and also with fresh looks. That means buying fewer products packed with more functions.

Add to that, today’s home automation is all about voice controls, so you don’t have to interact with the physical device ever so often. You can just say “Alexa….” or “ok Google…” for the action to take place. Or even better, set up automated and planned routines and schedules so you can set it up and forget it, actions will work automatically and synchronously in the background.

Get a professional involved

When you’re creating a smart home, get a professional involved and going the custom integration route. If smart integration is done incorrectly, your home will turn into into a source of frustration, which is the last thing you want. Hiring an expert will reduce your frustration-level substantially and you will end up with a system you dreamed about.

No matter what stage you are in your smart home transformation, it’s worth knowing that you don’t have to compromise on keeping your home stylish while integrating new devices.