The Best Smart Home Devices For Dog Owners

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Dog owners can be picky. Sure, you might have a few security cameras inside and outside your home designed for general surveillance. However, pet-specific cameras exist as well! These cameras are meant to let you keep an eye on pets, and you can even interact with them while you’re away from home. This can be especially helpful for added stimulation when your dog may be feeling bored or anxious.

At $199, the Furbo Dog Camera is one of the most popular pet-specific cameras on the market. It’s placed at canine eye level for face-to-face interaction with your dog during the day. This camera also lets you toss treats to your dog, and comes with a bark sensor so that you can instantly check in when your dog is saying something.

Another great option is the Petcube interactive wireless camera. This camera uses your smartphone to let you watch your dog, while the built-in laser keeps them engaged. Simply swipe your finger across the app screen, and the laser will follow. Both of these options come with a speaker and built-in microphone for communicating with your pup and vice versa.

Food Dispensers

If you’re away during your dog’s mealtime, smart pet dispensers can easily serve some dinner to your pooch.

The Petnet SmartFeeder automatically dispenses dry food on-demand or on scheduled intervals, managed by your smartphone or paired with other smart home devices. A nutritional score is also provided to evaluate your dog’s diet while using pet-specific metrics to determine optimal serving sizes and feeding frequency.

CleverPet gets the job done too as an all-in-one computer/pet feeder. The device stimulates your pup’s cognitive capabilities while you’re away, keeping them happy and occupied. The device’s pads light up when your pup touches them with a nose or paw. If they press the buttons in a specific order, CleverPet releases food.

If you own multiple dogs and they eat different foods, you may prefer the SureFeed Microchip Feeder. This smart solution uses radio-frequency identification technology to detect which dog is at their bowl to manage food access. It ensures that Max isn’t eating Daisy’s food, and vice versa. Pretty cool, huh?

Pet Trackers

Dog owners have probably all felt the heart-stopping scare of Fido getting loose or escaping through a fault fence. It’s not a great feeling to have to run through the street calling their name!

The Tagg Pet Tracker solves this problem. It’s a GPS device that attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks their whereabouts, so you always have peace of mind. You can quickly view your pup’s location through an interactive map via your computer, smartphone, or tablet. If your dog strays away from home, the device will send you push notifications, texts, and emails so you’re always informed.

Automatic Dog Doors

Those who typically work outside of the home and have a fenced-in yard can ensure their pet can relieve themselves with a dog door. However, there are security risks. Smart dog doors solve this issue by creating the option for dogs to go outside without compromising home security.

Our top pick is the PetSafe SmartDoor, which offers automatic locking capabilities and programmable entry and exit times. This assures only dogs with outdoor privileges can use the dog door.

Own multiple pets? The PlexiDor allows for more customization options and uses radio-frequency identification technology to operate. You can easily assign each pet its own unique device settings with varying permissible time frames. For example, if you didn’t want your dogs going out at the same time, you could arrange that.

Remote Playtime Devices

Being home alone can get boring quickly, and most dogs appreciate consistent stimulation. Luckily, there are smart devices that can keep your pets entertained, such as the iFetch. This smart toy is an interactive ball launcher that can play catch with your dog, including customizable tosses at 10, 20, and 30 feet.

For all other automation, there is Smaart House.