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Why You Need a Smart Home Lighting Automation System

Smart Home Lighting Automation System San Diego, CA

Not long ago the idea of automating your entire home was unfamiliar to most but today adoption is rising rapidly. Smart home lighting automation systems are innovative breakthroughs in how lighting is handled. They simplify day-to-day living by offering a way to easily control your home environment.

A smart home lighting automation system connects all your lighting fixtures together. This enables the management of all lighting from one central location in your home or portable device.

These systems are designed to be highly customizable in order to meet individual home needs. You can customize wireless components, integrate with other wireless devices (e.g. your smartphone), and even expand overall functionality as needed.

All of that value and more are possible with smart home lighting automation.

All-around Home Convenience

Systems are super-easy to maintain, program, and make adjustments to. You can do things like control heating and air conditioning, entertainment systems, and create lighting pre-sets (e.g. settings for parties, dine, cooking). Also, you can schedule when lights come on and off throughout the day.

Central control over your lighting means you no longer have to be in the same room to switch lights off/on. One master wireless controller gives you complete control of your home. Making it possible to adjust how your system works quickly and easily.

Integrate and Maintain Control With Mobile Devices

Your Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. can be used to program and control your lights, including any custom functions you’ve added. That means you can give commands to your automated lighting system from any Internet-enabled location. No need to rush home whenever you forget to turn on/off your lights.

Smart Home Lighting Automation Saves You Money

Occupancy and vacancy sensors allow lighting automation systems to automatically shut off lights whenever a room isn’t occupied. Alternatively, rooms can be automatically lit when there are people in a room.

In addition, some smart lighting systems support the integration of your automated window shades. Some even track your patterns using AI to further automate how your home lighting works. Here is an example.

Let us assume that you always come home from work at 7 PM and usually leave the light on for about an hour. Your smart lighting system will begin to mimic this behavior, which means you will no longer have to give it commands.

All of the aforementioned ensures that energy isn’t being wasted, which saves you money on electricity.

A Sense of Elegance

There is a sense of elegance that comes with having an automated lighting system. Homeowners can pre-set or create the perfect ambiance for different occasions. You can even set something neutral for the entire home. The end result is a more comfortable living space with good tone for social gatherings and relaxation.

Safety and Security

Lighting automation can deter crime and prevent accidents. For instance, your lights can turn on whenever motion is detected outside your doors. Simple things like automating patio lights so that people can climb up the stairs safely can help prevent injuries.

Also, creating or using an existing vacation setting can make it seem like your home is still occupied when vacant. Though you may be away on a trip.

From monetary to comfort to security, smart home automation systems offer a variety of benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.