Wired Speakers vs Wireless

Wired vs. Wireless Audio

Wired Speakers vs Wireless

It wasn’t all that long ago when wired speakers were the only option to choose from. But, the emergence of innovative technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi made it possible to convert wired speakers to wireless. As more and more electronics broke free from their wired limitations, the more common wireless speakers became.

Although wireless sound systems have grown drastically in popularity, wired speakers still dominate the landscape. Both options provide unique benefits, so how do you choose between the two? Ultimately, the audio equipment that works best for your home theater depends on what benefits you deem to be the most important, so we can’t make that decision for you. However, we can explain what each option brings to the table.

Wireless vs Wired Surround Sound Quality

The lingering question in this ever-lasting fight is wired vs wireless speaker sound quality. When wireless speakers first became available, the biggest knock against this type of stereo was that the sound quality paled in comparison to wired systems. The reason is actually quite simple, it’s easier to transmit electrical data through a physical audio cable than it is through a wireless signal. The more data there is, the higher the audio fidelity is.

While there was a clear compromise in quality initially, it didn’t stay that way for long. Eventually, the technology caught up, closing the gap through technology transformation and the establishment of worldwide standards by the WiSA Association. Today’s wireless auditory technology is on par with its tethered counterpart, making wireless stereos a much more attractive option for home entertainment.

The Benefits of Wireless Connectivity

Traditionally, wireless speakers are marketed as stylish, sleek, no-hassle option for home audio. While this is true, this type of sound system offers many other benefits including:

  • No Mess: Since wireless speaker systems operate with audio signals, you can avoid the ugly mess of tangled wires strewn all over the floor. They are far less invasive compared to a cabled solution.
  • Easy Installation: They’re incredibly easy to install as you don’t have to run any type of cables from the receiver to the speakers.
  • Movability: With no cables to restrict them, wireless speakers can be easily moved and placed anywhere in the home.
  • Acoustics: A wireless stereo can be placed in a position that ensures the best performance.

The Benefits of Wired Audio

By contrast, wired speakers are normally marketed as a higher performance option. However, since advancements in wireless technology have greatly improved performance over the years, the margin of difference is negligible. Yet, there are a few notable benefits a wired solution holds over its counterpart.

  • Power: Typically, wired speakers do not require a separate power supply. The power is instead generated by the amplifier and sent to the speaker through its cabling.
  • Reliability: Interference or a Wi-Fi outage can ruin the connection between a wireless speaker and the audio source. This is not an issue with a wired speaker as it is directly connected to the audio source. The only thing that can interrupt it is flipping the power switch.
  • Price: Generally speaking, wired stereos tend to be less expensive when compared to the alternative.

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